Your Business Is A Reflection Of Your Decisions

Your business is a reflection of every business decision you’ve ever made.


It’s a reflection of which clients you chose to work with, of what pricing strategy you went with and most importantly of every marketing campaign you chose not to do.


Yep, that’s right, you are exactly where you decided to be.


If you are 100% happy with your business performance then you have done a great job of running your business, but I reckon you aren’t 100% happy with it.


Am I right?


What do you wish you could change?


The things I hear most often that people wish they could change are:

  • Their clients; they want “better” ones who actually value what they do.
  • Their pricing strategy because they aren’t getting paid for the value they truly deliver.
  • Their working hours as they are desperate to work less but earn more.
  • Their service offering so they aren’t doing as much of the “doing” but more of the “strategising”.

Any of those sound familiar?

Now here’s the thing….


You can change all of those things and you can change them NOW.

If you want more clients then do more marketing (and actually do the marketing you often think of but are too fearful of implementing).

If you want to change your service offering then start marketing the offering you want to do more of.

If you want “better” clients then be clear about the clients you do want to work with and stop saying “yes” to the wrong ones.

It all starts with a decision

All you need to do is make the decision to change and then stick to it.

I’m not going to say it’ll be easy because the level of change you need to make will be tricky because the behaviour is probably quite ingrained, but it is 100% possible to do it.

If you want “better” clients, to be paid for the value you deliver, to change your service offering…then make the decision and stick by it.

Remember your business is a reflection of every business decision you’ve made. You have the ability to make sure it’s a very positive reflection.

The next 12 months could result in a very different looking business if you start to address your challenges now.

Start small and build momentum.

The business of your dreams is only a decision away!

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