You Have To Ask Them To Buy Your Stuff #BuyMyStuff

I do a reasonable amount of networking and we are told the best way to make it work is to build relationships.

We are also told we can’t pitch if we do the guest speaker slot.

So when you put those two things together it can feel like we can’t directly sell when we are networking.


The challenge is the  ‘ “We can’t sell!” trend’ can easily flow into your business generally and stop you from directly asking people to “#BuyMyStuff” (I’m going to shorten that to #BMS for the rest of this blog).

You Have To Ask Them To Buy Your Stuff #BuyMyStuff

How do you feel about asking THE question?

If you think about your average month, how many times do you actually ask people to #BMS?

I mean directly ask them.

Not have a conversation about what you do, but actually ask them if they want to #BMS?

I bet it’s not often.

I bet you want more sales, right?

I’m sure you don’t need me to point out that these two things are directly linked but just in case you do…the more you ask the #BMS question, the more sales you will make.

So how do you feel about asking that question?

A bit squirmy?

That’s pretty normal.

But here’s the thing: You need to get comfortable with it!!

Currently you are wining the work of the people who are closing themselves into working with you but you are leaving a shed load of sales on the table because you simply aren’t asking that question.

It’s bonkers!

All because you don’t want to:

  • Look pushy
  • Feel salesy
  • Or Be rejected!

I do understand how that feels but I’ve conquered it and grown significantly because of it.


Why is that question so important?

We are obedient by nature so when given a reasonable instruction we tend to follow it.

This is why using “Call To Actions” (CTA) in your marketing works so well.

If we say “comment below” or “please share” in a social media post people tend to do exactly that.

If we say “if you need XYZ please contact us on ABC” will get a better response rate than not using a CTA at all.

The same applies with #BMS.

If we want people to #BMS we need to ask them to #BMS.


My last marketing campaign

Last month I ran a small marketing campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook.

All I did was a post on LinkedIn and Facebook every day for 21 days.

Each post had a very clear call to action which was a #BMS one. In this specific case it was “book in to [the event].

It worked.

I ran two successful events at the end of that 21 day campaign.

During that period the views of my LinkedIn profile were much higher than normal.


Because I was telling them to #BMS so they were checking me out.

I post most days on LinkedIn anyway so it wasn’t the frequency of the posts hat caused the increased views, but merely because I was saying #BMS.

The final result was nine new clients all because I was brave enough to post everyday with a #BMS post.

So what could you achieve it you were brave enough to use a good strong call to action like #BMS?

Give it a go.  You have nothing to loose.

Just remember you need to do it consistently (several times a week for numerous weeks) to get a result.

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