Working With The Wrong Clients Is Killing Your Business

You’re working hard, doing the right stuff but yet all your time is taken up responding to enquiries and working with clients so you don’t have enough time to push your business in the direction you want to go.

Sound familiar?

Now if all those enquiries are from ideal prospects then that’s a great problem to have.

But when they are from the wrong prospects and you are spending time talking to them and even spending them proposals then that becomes a huge time drain.

How many of your enquiries are from prospects that match your ideal client avatar?

If the answer is below 80% then there’s a problem with your marketing.

For some reason, you are attracting the wrong enquiries and that’s nothing to do with any of the excuses you’ve given yourself for it.

So it’s not because your pricing’s too high.

It’s not because the wrong type of people were at the networking event.

It’s not because your ideal market aren’t on social media.

It’s 100% because you haven’t used the right message to attract them.

Before we talk about fixing that let’s 1st create the time to do it.

Bin off the wrong ones

If you are convinced you are getting the wrong type of enquiries and then spend time talking to them and generating a proposal, and then following up….


That is a total waste of time if they truly are your wrong clients.

What you need to get better at is qualifying them out very early on so you don’t expend energy & time on them.

Alternatively, get better at converting them. If that really is highly unlikely because they just don’t fit then be brave enough to qualify them out.

Focus on the right ones

So here’s how to attract the right ones….

Your marketing message needs to clearly convey:

Who your ideal clients are so people can qualify themselves in or out.

The pain/gain you solve/provide.

The transformation using your product/service will provide for them and not the features of it.

A clear call to action, so basically you need to tell them what you want them to do eg contact you on

You don’t need to write War & Peace but enough to capture their attention and get them to act.

You have to bear in mind that people need to see your message 7-12 times before they’ll act so you must be consistent with it across all of your marketing channels whether that’s out networking, on your website, across your social media, when you speak at events and so on.

Having the wrong enquiries is easy to fix…

…with an improved marketing message.

Just think about all the time you’ll save from responding to the wrong enquiries.

The changes can be really quick to implement so you can get it done today and start to spend your time on the right clients.

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