Why do I Struggle to Grow My Business? – Claire McTernan

Why do I Struggle to Grow My Business?

Why do most business fail to achieve the growth they are after?

It comes down to a few critical areas:

  1. They are too much of a well-kept secret. Not enough people know they exist and therefore they simply don’t get enough sales.
  2. They fall into the trap of always doing what they’ve always done but for some mad reason they expect that to give them a different result than they usually get. Doh!  It ain’t gonna happen!
  3. They may set a goal but they don’t break that down into a plan and then actually implement it.

There are probably numerous smaller contributory factors like possibly being poor at sales and so on but my personal view is that the 3 above and the big ones.

So have you fallen into any (or all!) of those 3 traps above?

I bet you have, and I bet it’s probably all three.

But that’s ok because they can be easily fixed; it just takes the decision and discipline to fix them.

Are you up for it?

Step 1: Set the target.

It needs to be stretching enough that you are excited by it but not so huge that your brain thinks it’s impossible.


Step 2: Build the plan

Sketch out the milestones for next 12 months that will enable you to hit that goal.  Be mindful that not all months are equal as buying behaviour changes through the year so make sure you plan big marketing pushes for when your ideal clients are likely to be in decision making mode.


Step 3: Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Remember Mark Twain’s saying “If you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always got” and use it to push you to do things differently.

What you’ve done to grow your business so far has gotten you your results thus far.  The bigger results you want for the next 12 months will require different/bigger action.

I know that’s scary.  I’m a business owner too and have to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve the bigger results I’m after.  And it works!


Step 4: Don’t be sucked in

All those businesses that look so successful probably feel the same way you do as they are pushing to achieve bigger results and that probably feels challenging and not successful.

Stay focused on your reality and don’t let your head convince you everyone else is finding it easier than you and getting better results than you.


Step 5: Keep yourself motivated

They will be times when you’ll want to retract back into your shell.

They’ll be times when your head tells you that you are too busy with client work to do the key business development that underpins your growth plan.

Don’t give in!  Motivate yourself to keep pushing that growth agenda.

Book yourself one or two “biz dev” appointments into your diary each week so you can implement that plan.

I know those 5 steps seem pretty simplistic but it really does just come down to doing them.

Don’t be one of those businesses that fails to achieve it’s full potential.  All it takes is the desire to change and the discipline to keep at it.

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