What A-Levels Can Teach You About Running Your Business…

So what does doing your A level revision got to do with running your business?

Well actually quite a lot and yet we approach them very differently.

What A-Levels Can Teach You About Running Your Business...

They both have a clear goal

Take my 18yo revising for her A levels.  She’s struggling to stay motivated and productive but she’s just about succeeding because she has a clear goal.

For the last 2 years she’s been working towards getting the grades she needs to go to uni.

She needs AAB.  She’s a good student but does have to work hard to get good grades so getting that AAB will take some effort.

She has to focus on some topics more than others to make sure she’s improving evenly in all areas.

But, on the whole, she’s hunkered down and put the work in.

In business most people have a goal.

They have to work hard and be focused on the right areas to work on to achieve the overall result.

Sound familiar?

But A Levels have a syllabus to follow

So they’re easier right?

Personally I don’t think so, because running a business has a syllabus too.

We know you need to successfully learn and implement marketing & sales skills which involves Psychology so we can understand our buyers motives.

Maths & Economics also creep in with getting your pricing right and ensuring you have a decent positive cashflow.

We even have to branch into Law so we have the right Terms & Conditions to cover our work with our clients.

All those topics have very well documented, and freely available, materials to help you get good grades.

But let’s hope we get to avoid Drama 😊


So who is likely to have the best result?

Actually it’s A levels and the reason why is pretty sad really.

I think the 18yos are better at staying focused on their goal.


They have external accountability,

a deadline that is 100% immovable,

to achieve an end goal that also has a defined start date (the new Uni academic year),

and there’s no way to circumvent the system.

They can’t change the date, decide to ignore their goal, invent an elaborate workaround that means they can hide in their comfort zone.

They just have to step up, knuckle down and go for it.


Why don’t business owners take the same approach?

Because they don’t have to.

In the majority of cases we can cope if we don’t step it up.

The world won’t stop turning for us if we miss our goal (I know it won’t for the 18yos either but they think it will and that’s the difference).

That’s all a bit sad really isn’t it.

We are older and wiser and more likely to miss our goals.

We tend to not have external accountability or even ask for structured professional help.

Those that do tend to get a much better result (I know my clients do).

Be like an 18yo

Take ownership of that goal.

Publicly announce your intention.

And then step it up!  Go for it.

What have you got to lose?

Nothing!  And everything to gain!

If you want help then just email me at claire@clairemcternan.co.uk and it’ll come straight into my inbox.

My clients get great results.  You can too.  All it takes is an email 😊

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