Time To Do It Differently – Claire McTernan

Time To Do It Differently

time to do it differently

Have you set yourself a business goal for the year?

I hope the answer is yes! But have you worked out how much time you have to achieve it, in real terms?

If you’ve just said “well, yeah of course it’s 12 months” then you are wrong!

A year doesn’t consist of 12 months

Let me explain.

Although we do have 12 months in every year, when it comes to growing your business those months aren’t made equally.

We all know that when you are selling to other businesses there are certain months when not a lot will happen. The biggest of which is the “summer slowdown”. But did you realise that you actually lose a whole lot more time than just the summer when it comes to growing your business.

The year only has 6 months in it

When you plot all the times when decision making is slow during the year you can actually wipe out ~ 6 months!

This tends to map nicely on to the school holidays as most people will take some time off at those points. Even if it’s only a few days it has a bigger impact as they will delay making purchasing decisions until they get back. That delaying thought process will start a couple of weeks before they take the time off. [I bet you’ve done it yourself, when you’ve put off making a decision until after your holiday even when your holiday was still a few weeks away!].

Don’t believe me? Have a look at this calendar image. There are only 2 months of the year which tend to be totally unaffected which are June and November.

Calendar blocked out

Ok, so what does that actually mean?

In a nutshell it means you have to get motoring now!

Now you know how little time you realistically have to grow your business this year, you need to work out how much revenue & profit you need to make by the end of each quarter, bearing in mind the actual time you have to gain new clients.

Use that information to plan the amount of marketing you need to do to drive that level of new client growth.

Just Do It

Results take action.

Different results require different action.

If you want a better outcome to this year compared to last year then you need to do things differently. Work out what that is and then plan it in.

Now you have your high level plan you need to break it down into specific tasks that are straightforward to do (otherwise they’ll sit on your Things To Do list for ever!).

Then, as Nike say “Just Do It!”.