Think You Can’t Earn More? Think Again! (A Lesson in Getting out of Your Own Way!)

So a year ago my business was doing great and I was working part-time but I felt it was time to up-level things again.

Do you ever get that feeling that the time has come to push for the next level of growth otherwise you’ll start to get bored?

Well I did!

At that point my diary was pretty full with private clients that I worked with face to face for two hours twice a month.

I was pretty fixed in my mind that I delivered great value because I was face to face with my clients and that was the best (in fact I felt it was the only) way to do it.

Because I was delivering face to face I could only work with clients within a 45min drive time of my house, and I could only work with 3 clients a day (six hours of client time and two, one hour gaps to allow me to drive between them).

Think You Can't Earn More? Think Again! (A Lesson in Getting out of Your Own Way!)

So what was the problem?

I’m sure you’ve already spotted it, but I was wasting approximately three hours a day driving and that wasn’t a leveraged way of doing things!

And two hours per meeting? That’s a long time especially if I’m seeing them every two weeks.


The desire to change needs to be significant

I was pretty much at full client capacity delivering how I was so my desire to step things up had to be greater than my fear of change otherwise I wasn’t going to budge.

Thankfully I did have a bigger desire to change than the size of my fear.

Don’t get me wrong, I was very confident and comfortable delivering the way I was.

I was making good money so they was no major driver (like the pun 😊) to do it but I sucked it up and got on with it.


What did I change?

All the new clients I recruited were only offered the option of two one hour Skype/phone calls with me.

And shockingly they were all happy with that.

As my existing clients came up for contract renewal I swapped them over.

Only one didn’t want to change, and that was fine so I left them as they were.  Entertainingly they now work with me on Zoom 😊


What did it mean?

Now even though I halved the amount of time I spent with each client I didn’t change my fees as I was convinced their results wouldn’t change; and I was right.

So my revenue didn’t drop.

And I freed up not only the three hours of driving but I also saved on delivery each day too.

Now I can do up to five client calls a day with a 30 min gap between each so I can gather my thoughts, grab something to eat and do some fluid rebalancing if you know what I mean 😊

So all in all I saved 3.5 hours a day, petrol and sanity!!

Plus I generated the potential to earn an extra two clients/day of fees.

In all fairness I struggle if I do five clients calls a day as I’m wiped out by the end of the day but it’s created time for me to do marketing/biz dev/ create content etc which is hugely valuable.


It didn’t stop there

So I took it one step  further and started working with clients in groups which is very leveraged.

It’s similar to running workshops except that I only have to sell once to each person and not repeatedly to numerous people for every workshop.

What I did isn’t inventive or novel, but I did it.

How could you be more leveraged with your delivery?

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