The Single Word That Could Lose You The Sale

The words we use during a sales discussion can make or break the sale but how aware are you of exactly what words you are using?

Over the last week I’ve noticed numerous times when people have fallen into the exact trap I’m about to explain.

Now they weren’t having a sales dialogue with me so it didn’t matter BUT if they had been it could have cost them the sale.

The Single Word That Could Lose You The Sale

So here’s what happened…

I asked the simple question “How much do you charge?”

Each time the answer was “The cost is £xxx.”

Can you see what they did wrong?

They used the word “cost”.

What’s in a word?

To me “cost” has negative connotations.

I use it when I think about how much new tyres are going to cost on my car, or how much it’ll cost to get the train to London.

To me it implies a money drain and not something of value (albeit that tyres and train tickets do have value!).

So if someone is trying to sell me their product or service explaining to me how much it’ll “cost” isn’t a good association as it puts it in a negative frame.

How do you describe the fee associated with your product or service?

There are some far better words to use than “cost” when describing the money required to buy your stuff.

I tend to use “price” or “fee”.

I don’t like the word “investment” because my head interprets that to mean something is very expensive.

Here’s the tricky bit

We tend to mirror the words that our potential client uses so if they ask “how much will it cost?” it’s easy to reply “the cost is…”

So you need to be very mindful that you don’t do that and instead reframe it into a far better value statement along the lines of…

“On average my clients achieve XXX by using our XYZ and for that the fee is £x”


“Our XYZ can help you achieve [insert their goal] and the fee for that is £x”.

Once you couple their objective with your price a lot of their objections will fall away, assuming your product/service is a cost effective solution for them.

So What do you need to do?

As your mum used to say “Watch your language” 😊 Stay in control of the exact words you use.

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