The 6 Steps To Beating Your Competition

You don’t have to lose out to your competition, but you do need to take action to make sure you don’t.

My 6 steps to beating your competition are:

  • Know your value and be able to express it clearly. Use this everywhere.  In your sales conversations, in your proposals, in all your marketing.  This is the foundation of your business but most businesses totally ignore it.
  • Manage the objections people will naturally have to working with you before they even think about them.
  • Follow-up. I know it’s a bit tedious but you’ll win work from doing it.
  • Be proud of your price. If you don’t believe your price is an excellent reflection of the value you deliver, then your potential client won’t either.
  • Don’t rely on your proposal to do the work for you. Most proposals fall short from hitting the mark so don’t assume it’s going to be able to close the deal once you are out of sight.
  • If you are dealing with multiple decision makers find yourself an ally who can pitch on your behalf.

Your competition won’t be doing all 6 of these.  If you do them effectively you’ll boost your conversion rates overnight.

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