The 5 Steps to Make Your Marketing Easy [Facebook Live Replay]

If you struggle to convey what you do or sell in a way that attracts people to buy from you then you’re doing something wrong.

Marketing isn’t difficult if you follow some simple steps.

Here are my top 5 steps to making your marketing effortless:

  1. Define your ideal client.  If you can’t explain who they are you won’t be able to find them
  2. Describe the value you deliver.  People buy the value, the transformation you deliver, not the actual features.  Hook them with that emotional definition of what you can help them achieve
  3. USPs.  You are unique and therefore so is your business.  The challenge is to remember that when you write your marketing!
  4. Niche.  You know it makes sense even though it scares you.  Be a specialist and not a generalist.
  5. Shout!  The more people that know you exist, the more people will buy from you.  Don’t be a well-kept secret.


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