Stop Uncertainty Strangling Your Business

There’s always a degree of uncertainty in running a business, but occasionally that small bit seems to grow and grow to take over your entire thought process and leave you feeling stressed and unable to move forward.

Recognise that?

Let’s paint a typical scenario….you are waiting on client A to firm up a big piece of work. They have said you’ll get it, you’ve priced it up and know it’ll take a good chunk of time but it hasn’t materialised when they said it would.

That now means you aren’t sure about whether you can get all your other pieces of work complete as they are likely to all arrive like buses when instead it was, for once, going to look like a well orchestrated stress-free plan.

The more the large piece of work gets delayed the more your stress levels creep up. The more your stress levels creep up the more space this one issue takes up in your head and it grows and grows.

The delay has continued and now you are getting worried it’s going to effect your revenue for the month as you won’t be able to get it to the point you can bill before the end of the month.

Ah! What went wrong? Why does that happen?

To use some emotive language to make a point….you went into victim mode. It was all happening to you and you had no control of it. Seem familiar?

But actually the opposite is true.

Only you have control of what work you take on and when that work can happen.

So why does the balance of power shift over to your clients?

Simple answer…because you let it!

Why? Because they pay the bills and you are so lovely that you try reeeeally hard to accommodate their requirements even when that kinda screws you over!

Truth hurts!

The thing is they will still want you to be their supplier of choice if you let them know when you are free to complete the work, when your deadline is for all the info you need to get it done, and so on.

So what uncertainty is eating you?

What uncertainty niggles do you have right now? I find with my clients that invariably the path through the uncertainty is clear and usually quite simple, once you accept you do have control of it.

The other day I had a client with a very stressful staff issue. Once we got all the uncertainty out in the open they could see the path they had to take, their stress levels ebbed away and life was fine again.

I was stressing over some marketing the other day. There was no reason to stress; I knew either A or B was going to happen so I planned out what I would do if it was A and if it was B. Stress melted away because I regained control.

So, whatever uncertainty is eating you, work out what the route cause is, see what options you have and then take action.

These days one of the most valuable things I treasure (beyond family, friends and the usual ones) is headspace. Removing the uncertainty regains you loads of headspace so you’ll feel so much better for it.

Go on, take back control today.

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