Parental Anguish and Business Communication: What They Have In Common? – Claire McTernan

Parental Anguish and Business Communication: What They Have In Common?

Communication is key and we take it for granted but how often do we stuff it up?

Imagine the scenario where you are having a sales dialogue with a perfect prospect.

You do your standard sales patter and instead of saying “yes” they go off into “Maybe Land” and despite your best efforts you can’t entice them out of it.

This comes down to effective communication.

Parental Anguish and Business Communication: What They Have In Common

I’ve just had a “chat” with my 18 year old too about the art of clear communication.

She sat one of her A level papers yesterday (Philosophy & Ethics!).

She texted me once she had finished and let me know it had been hideous.

But she then told me that she had gambled on what to revise and the gamble had failed so she hadn’t been able to complete 50% of the paper.

Ahhhh!! She’s just gone from a potential A to a C.

To cut a long, and anguished story of the trials and tribulations of parenting an 18yo short, let’s suffice it to say she had misspent her time which is why she hadn’t done the revision.

This was beautifully exemplified when she had texted me 2 hours before her exam to say she was off shopping (!!!!!!).

So time passes and I try hard to brush over the situation and get her focused on one last day of revision.

Today we were chatting and she casually lets me know that she had actually revised the topic that yesterday she had told me she hadn’t revised.

And even though she had told me she hadn’t completed 50% of the paper, she had actually completed the whole question but just not as thoroughly as she had wanted to.

At this point I wasn’t sure whether I should be happy or even more frustrated 😊

Hence my discussion with her about the art of good communication!


What’s that got to do with business?

Well, in her head she knew all those facts yesterday but had failed to convey them even though she thought she had.

How many times is that happening in your business right now?

Communication is the 1st thing to go when you get busy.

Are you busy enough that communication is suffering?

Maybe it’s your communication via social media that’s tailed off.

Or even more worryingly, maybe it’s your client comms that might be suffering.

I am blessed with loads of fab clients.  A classic challenge that presents me with is effective communication to all of them.

I’ve covered that in part by appointing a new member to my team who’s main role is “Client TLC” so she is 100% focused on making sure a specific set of my clients and happy.

What do you need to do to make sure your clients are happy?

How can you improve your communication with them?

What impact would improving that comms have on your sales? 😊


So how’s your sales communication?

Let’s go back to the sales conversation from earlier.

What are you assuming that prospect has heard but you didn’t actually say?

How clearly are you nailing that, very important, communication?

It’s easy to work out, just look at your conversion rates.

If they are 70% or higher then you are probably doing fine.

If you are sub 70% then I would unpick that conversation and see what you need to improve.


The lesson here is….

Don’t take it for granted that the person you are talking to has heard everything you meant to convey.

Take the time to be very explicit in your dialogue as assumptions tend to frustrate your clients and hurt your bank balance.

How can you up-level your client comms so you make them feel heard and appreciated?

Don’t be so busy that your comms suffer.

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