Missed Your Targets for the 1st Half of 2017? Here’s How to Fix That…

It’s very common for businesses to miss their revenue/profit targets.  Are you where you should be for the year given the month we are currently in?

Look, don’t beat yourself up about it, BUT do take some decisive action to ensure you get better results for the rest of the year. What to do about it


There is a simple rule in business…noise = sales.  Most people miss their targets because they simply don’t make enough noise.

Sometimes that’s because they are busy delivering work to their clients, other times it’s just because they didn’t.  Either way it’s because they didn’t prioritise it and now they are in a bit of pain.

The cure to that pain is to make sure more and more, of the right, people know you exist.  You need to broadcast your marketing message loud and clear in the places where your ideal clients hang out.

This is basic marketing but way too many people ignore it and wonder why the money isn’t rolling in.

Doing a couple of networking events a week will not get you a flood of clients.  Don’t convince yourself otherwise.

I’m a huge advocate of networking so I’m not knocking it, but simply pointing out just doing a bit of it, in isolation of a comprehensive marketing strategy won’t win you all the business you need.


So where else and how else could you market yourself?

How can you stay in touch with the contacts you already have when you aren’t seeing them regularly?

I bet you have some leads that you haven’t followed up on?  You would have convinced yourself it wasn’t worth following up on them but that was your comfort zone and it’s keeping you from hitting your targets.

If it was easy to hit your targets and grow a business then everyone would be doing it and the 1st year survival stats wouldn’t be so shockingly awful.


  • Businesses fail because they don’t follow-up.
  • Businesses fail because they don’t make enough noise about who they are to generate the sales they want.
  • Businesses fail because they stay in their comfort zone.


Stop making excuses

Want to hit your targets?  Well stop making excuses!

Make the time.  If it’s important to increase your revenue then you need to make the time to marketing your business.

The time does already exist but you are choosing not to use it.  Just think, if you reclaim 30 mins out of each day to work on growing your business that’s an extra 2.5 hours a week. If you do that consistently that’s an extra 10 hours a month.

Spend that 10 hours wisely and you’ll transform your sales funnel.

Imagine if you found 1 hour a day, that would be 20 hours a month.  What could you do with that time?


  • Go to more networking events
  • Follow-up on all of the leads
  • Interact more on social media
  • Blog & vlog and share it everywhere
  • Start a newsletter to keep in touch with your contacts
  • Speak at events on your core expertise.

The list of possibilities is almost endless, you just need to choose to see them.


Don’t be a victim of your own inability to step it up and boost your sales

There is no “dove from above” to bequeath you clients.  You have to go and find them yourself.

Want to hit those targets for the rest of the year? Go make a plan to carve out the time and make some noise!

Here’s a Facebook live I did on exactly this.
(Ignore the reference to the Discovery Day as it’s now full 🙂 )

  • 3rd July 2017
  • sales