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Hi, I’m so pleased you have taken such a positive decisive step forward to grow your business by purchasing the 5 Step Blueprint Intensive.

You will get so much benefit from this programme as long as you follow through and implement everything that I show you.

Below you will find links to each module.  The modules will become available to you week by week.  I do this so you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of work required but instead we work through it methodically week by week.

Each week I will send you the link for that week’s Q&A call so please keep an eye out for those and remember to ask me loads of questions as this will help you successfully implement your result.

Let’s grow your business!

Best wishes

Claire x

5 Step Blueprint Intensive

Week 1

Take Ownership: This is essential to successfully moving your business forward.  During this module we will unpick what has REALLY been holding you back.  We will get you to do some significant soul searching and reflecting so you can better understand your action (or inaction!) and make sure it doesn’t impede your progress from this point onwards.

Week 2

Vision & Planning: Did you know that just writing your goals down makes you 57% more likely to achieve them?  In this module I will help you get very clear on what you want to achieve (your vision) and then map out the main steps to achieving it.  I love doing this particular module on my business as I find it hugely motivational.  I’m sure you will to.

Week 3

My market place: I’ll guide you through analysing your previous & existing clients and your competitors.

Week 4

Ideal Clients & the value you deliver:  Key to any successful marketing campaign is clearly understanding your ideal clients, their needs and the value that your services deliver to meet those needs.

Week 5

Crafting your message:  Now you understand who your clients are and the value you deliver we build your core marketing message

Week 6

Building Your Marketing Armour:  We need you to feel strong and confident about your marketing material so we will create a few key marketing tools so you can go out and gain new clients with gusto 🙂

Week 7

Your Sales and Marketing Plan:  I’ll walk you through the main marketing channels, the ones which I’ve used successfully and the ones that I’ve found give the best RoI by having the cheapest (even free!) cost of use.

Week 8

The Scores on the Doors: Knowing your current business performance and where you need it to be is key to growing your business.  In this module I’ll walk you through how to work out your main performance measures and how to set your targets going forward.

Week 9

Streamlining: As you start to grow your business your time will get even more restricted so I’ll show you how to streamline what you currently do and also how to successfully outsource key elements too.

Week 10

The key to a lovely steady flow of leads: Taking continuous action is vital to creating a sustainable, growing business; and so many businesses get this element wrong.  I’ll show you how to carve out the time in your diary to make sure you get it right so you can create a lead generation engine producing a steady flow of prospects.

Week 11

Wash-up Q&A

Week 12

Wash-up Q&A

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