Marketing: It’s Just A Conversation

If you detest marketing then you aren’t alone.

We are constantly bombarded by marketing messages so it’s understandable that we don’t always enjoy receiving them.

But when we want to grow our business we need to embrace the power of marketing and that’s tricky if we don’t like it!

Why don’t we like it?

We’ve all experienced bad marketing.

Whether it’s the cold calls, unsolicited emails (I know that shouldn’t be an issue now with GDPR but it is!) or adverts interrupting our Facebook feed if we don’t want to see the ad then we don’t like the marketing.

That dislike then sits and festers in our subconscious and has a significant negative impact on how we feel about marketing our businesses.

We don’t want people to have that negative reaction to our marketing, so we hold off doing our marketing.

The thing is…without marketing your business will die.

But that’s not marketing

At some point, you must have done some form of marketing.

Even if you rely on word of mouth referrals you must have done some marketing so people knew about you to refer you.

Even if that was simply letting an old contact know about your new venture; that counts as marketing.

All marketing boils down to is a way of letting people know what you do.

Actually, it’s even more simple than that …its just about starting conversations.

About starting conversations that lead to you generating a lead.

It’s really not that scary

Everyone has things they do and don’t like doing.

When I first set-up my business I put off networking for 6 months. I hated the thought of going into a room of people I didn’t know and hoping they would talk to me.

I really procrastinated over sending out my first newsletter.

I avoided doing videos like the plague.

I now do all three of these, successfully, to market my business.

And you know what…no-one has ever moaned at me for marketing my business to them.

I use my email list which was 100% consented, I use my social media audience and I “work the room” when I go networking.

I’m not some super ninja marketeer.  I just use the system.

Here’s my system

I know who my ideal clients are, I know their pain, I know the value I deliver, I have great success stories and I use clear “calls to action” at the end.

Bingo….I get clients.

There’s nothing clever, sophisticated or innovative.  I just do it, constantly.

And it works!

The thing is…

If you put barriers up to doing your marketing all you are doing is punishing yourself and your dependents because you aren’t earning what you deserve.

That sucks, especially as you have 100% control of that.

Imagine yourself chatting to someone about what you do.  Well that’s all marketing is, it’s just a structured way to have that conversation.

It’s all about the conversation

The latest view in the marketing world is that “it’s all about the conversation”.

Your job when you are marketing what you do is to start that conversation.

In most cases you don’t even need to sell at that point, but merely start the conversation.

Once you’ve started it, it’s easy to progress it to the sale [that’s a whole different blog!].

How can you start more conversations?

What content could you create that talks to your ideal clients and their pain and would be good to start a conversation?

What posts could you put on social media to trigger conversations?

What conversations could you start with your connections that could lead into a sale?

My classic question at a networking event is “How’s business?”

Everyone happily answers it and it starts the conversation that can easily lead to them asking me what I do.

What opening question could you use?

How could you use that in your social media?

How many conversations can you start this week and then take on to a sales discussion and into a piece of business?

It really is that simple, so stop feeling negative towards marketing and start creating conversations.

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