Marketing: Are you afraid of the “M” word?

Lettre MDoes the thought of marketing your business fill you with a sense of dread?

I often find business owners can worry so much about the thought of marketing their business that they take very little marketing action and as a result only achieve a trickle of enquiries. Have I just described you?

Marketing is just a single word that describes the action you take to encourage people to buy something from you.

As a business owner you will spend a significant amount of your time encouraging people to buy from you, and quite often you are doing this without thinking about it, so why does the thought of marketing fill you with dread?

I think this happens because you know you can study marketing at university, that agencies exist that specialise in marketing, and that you probably know people who are very good at marketing. All of that put together can make you feel that you aren’t knowledgeable enough to market your own business.

But, who is the most passionate about your business? Who knows your range of products and services the best? Who understands the needs of your target market the most? You!

I’m sure you have spent many an hour talking to prospects about how your product or service could help with their pain point. I’m sure you have some raving fans who have loved your product or service.

To market your business all you need to do is capture those conversations and turn them into material to help you make more sales.

As you know your business the best then you are very well placed to successfully market it. Remember your amount of enquiries is directly proportional to the quality and volume of the marketing you do. If you need more leads then improve your marketing. It’s not as hard as it sounds.


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