It’s Rarely About The Price Tag…

We are all consumers and continually make buying decisions using a set of emotional & logical factors to weigh up our decisions.

Sometimes we barely engage our brains when we make the purchase just like when we buy our regular food shopping, but other times we think about that decision long and hard.

When we are running our businesses and wanting our prospects to make positive decisions to buy our stuff we sometimes forget those emotional and logical factors our prospects may be using to weigh up their decision to buy our stuff.

And that ain’t good!

What’s probably even worse is that we assume we know what they value about our stuff and we focus on that.

Well you know what they say about making assumptions!

It’s Rarely About The Price Tag...

So what do we need to demonstrate to help “them” make a positive decision

This will depend on exactly what you are selling and how much it is but a general guideline is…

They want to know:

  • Has someone I know used this service before?
  • Has it worked for other people?
  • Have you got evidence of it working for other people? This is huge! The value of this kind of social proof evidence can make the difference between winning or losing a sale.
  • Will it work for me? Some people will worry that they are not capable of getting the same result as someone else (depends on what you are selling). This can also include whether the service is niched specifically to them as that is significantly powerful.
  • How much effort is it going to take on my part (this can be a deal breaker)?
  • Do I get any money back if I don’t achieve the desired result?
  • When can I expect to start seeing results?
  • What exactly am I getting for my money? This is especially true for intangible services as the more tangible you can make it feel the more likely they are to say “yes”.
  • How much is it?
  • Can I spread the payments?

It’s not about the money

I purposefully put the money questions at the end of the list.

As a supplier we think price is very important but as a buyer it’s not usually top of our list.

Think about perusing the shelves in the supermarket for what to buy for your dinner.  Do you look at the food 1st or the price 1st?  The food right.  You only look at the price once you think you might fancy eating it.

It’s no different when you are selling a service.

Don’t make your sales conversations about the price and the features!

If you are getting more than 30% “no’s” in your sales conversations then you aren’t answering those questions well enough.

I know your prospects have said it’s too expensive or they don’t have the time but they are being polite as what they actually mean is “I’m interested but you haven’t convinced me it’ll work”.


Just remember how you say the answers to their questions and your body language is actually far more important than what you are saying!

During that conversation they will be weighing you up to decide whether you look, sound & behave in a credible manner.

Imagine that when you/they arrive you are on a score of zero and you either lose or win points based on your appearance, where you’ve met, whether you were on time, your level of energy, your engagement in the conversation and how you actually answer the questions.

I wonder what your average score has been over your last 10 sales meetings? It’s worth thinking about!

So stop worrying about your price point.  Go out and get a shed load of social proof testimonials, polish up your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and go fishing for new clients.

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