It Only Takes 20 Minutes to Grow Your Business

If I told you t only takes 20 mins a day to grow your business would you believe me?

“I just haven’t got the time” is probably the most common reason I hear for why people aren’t growing their businesses.

But here’s the thing….we make time for the things we deem to be a priority.

I know I’ve said it before but it’s TRUE!!

The thing is we let ourselves believe it take a good chunk of time to do the desired growth activity but it doesn’t.

It Only Takes 20 Minutes to Grow Your Business

Can you find 20 mins?

We are all busy.

No-one ever signs up to work with me because they have a load of free time and are looking for something to fill it!

Usually they are already busy but just not generating the level of income they want or need.

So if they are already busy how do they manage to implement my advice?

Because usually it only takes 20 mins a day.

Can you find 20 mins?

Yes!!!  Everyone can find 20mins.

We can all be a bit more productive and generate an extra 20 mins.

We can all manage our behaviour on social media and find that 20 mins.

We can all make one less cup of coffee and find 20 mins.

It is easy, if you want to make it happen.


Why is the answer 20 mins?

Because once you know what you need to do it’ll break down into smaller tasks that generally only take 20 mins.

Here’s some examples…

  • Following up. You can make 1 phone call a day in that 20 mins to secure business.
  • Engagement: You can post on all your business social media platforms every day in 20 mins.
  • Content Marketing: You can write a blog in 20 mins
  • Audience: You can build out your LinkedIn connections significantly in 20 mins a day.
  • Leas gen: You can create an ebook to use as a Lead Magnet by working on it for 20 mins a day over a week or so.
  • Marketing channels: You can search for speaking opportunities in 20 mins a day.
  • Messaging: You can improve your marketing messages in 20 mins a day (as long as you don’t drift off and contemplate the meaning of life while you are doing it!).
  • Pricing Strategy: You can overhaul your pricing in 20 mins.
  • Service creation: You can draw out a new service/package you can offer in 20 mins.
  • Planning: You can plan your business development in 20 mins.

What impact would that have on your business?

Personally I think that would have a huge impact on your business because I know it does on my business and those of my clients.

Just for spending 20 mins a day on it.

It’s bonkers!!!

But it is logical.  Think about someone training for a sporting event.  They’ll spend a set amount of time training each day and that compounds up to them achieving a higher level of fitness.

This does the same.  It compounds up to you achieving a much higher level of growth from that simple 20 mins of daily activity.


So how are you going to create your 20 mins?

My strongest advice is to diary block it.

Set it as a recurring appointment in your calendar and stick to it.

The business growth you are after is sat waiting for you to make it a priority.

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