How To Get Bigger Businesses

Changing your client base so you gain work from larger clients is actually pretty easy.

I know that sounds flippant but hear me out.

It only takes two crucial steps….deciding to do it, and then sticking to it!

Ok, maybe there is a middle step which is letting the world know you want bigger clients.

Again I don’t mean to be flippant but it really is that simple.

So exactly what do I need to do to find bigger businesses?

Just like with any marketing you need to tailor it to your ideal clients.  If your ideal client is a larger business then what pain does it have that you can fix, that’s different to a smaller business?

What type of work will they give you that’s different to your traditional smaller clients?

What value can you deliver to them to entice them to work with you?

Given you know you don’t want to generate any more smaller clients then you need to hang out where the bigger clients do. So where is that?

The marketing challenge is the same as it is for the smaller businesses; it really is no different.

So why do people struggle to find “bigger businesses”?

Because they carry on doing the same old marketing they used to generate clients from the smaller businesses and then wonder why they haven’t managed to shift to bigger businesses.

If you want a different outcome you need to take different actions!

It doesn’t have to be scary!

My strong advice is to carry on with your traditional marketing so you maintain a flow of new leads, while you are building up the new marketing for the bigger businesses.

As the new marketing starts to work you can then dial back on the old marketing.

What if it doesn’t work?

Marketing can sometimes need some tweaking which is totally normal.  Be prepared to modify your message to improve your enquiry rate.  Too many people give up when it doesn’t work straight off. Don’t be one of them!

Here’s a thought

Why do you want bigger businesses?  Usually it’s because you feel the smaller ones don’t have the budget or don’t value what you do enough.  Am I right?

If that is the case have you tried to educate them?  There are smaller businesses out there who will value what you do and will be able to pay for it.

Have a think about whether you are actually describing what you deliver well enough as that could be the reason you are getting lower quality enquiries than you want.

The issue might be you not them!

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