How To Easily Sell Your Services

The Challenge

Do you find yourself falling into the trap of struggling to describe what your prospects will receive if they work with you because it feels too intangible?

Do you ever find yourself saying “it depends” in response to the “how do you work with your clients” or “how much does it cost to work with you” questions because everything you do is tailored to each client?

How about when someone asks “what do you actually do”?  Does that illicit another “it depends” response?

It all becomes pretty wishy-washy and intangible.  And worse, it can be a total turn-off to a prospect.

The Problem

You may feel that your answers are actually spot on so why does it cause a problem?

Put yourself in your prospects shoes.  They want to know what it’s like to work with you, and, what they’ll get in return for your fees.

That is pretty reasonable!  When you give vague answers, even if they seem very truthful, it puts them right off because they are too intangible.

People like to buy boxy “things”.  They love going in to shops and buying a “thing” off the shelf.  They can see it, feel it and understand it so it makes the buying decision very easy.

We even like to buy multiples of the same “thing” just like box-sets because we feel there’s even more value in doing so.

So, when they are faced with an “it depends” answer it starts to increase their nervousness around using your services, and, strip away your credibility.  All in all, it makes it harder for you to close them.

The Solution

You need to do two things:

Step One: You focus on the transformation.  That is tangible to people, even when you are dealing with an emotional transformation.

If they are your ideal client they will be able to imagine/feel the effect that transformation will have on them/their business.

Step Two: Stop saying “it depends”!! You don’t have an open ended repertoire in the way you work with clients.  You probably have 2 or 3 options so instead of saying “it depends” you give them the options and clearly explain which option fits which kind of client/situation.

Make it boxy for them.

The Result

You’ll convert more!  It really is that simple.  The more tangible you can make your services feel the more you will convert prospects into clients.

So work out what your responses are to the standard questions that you have traditionally replied “it depends” to and get stuck in!

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  • 20th March 2017
  • sales