Help! I’m a Slave to My Clients – Claire McTernan

Help! I’m a Slave to My Clients

Most “time for money” businesses fall into the trap being too nice to their clients.

Have you?

Watch this Facebook Live I shared recently to see if you display the two classic behaviours that could be costing your business big time!

These behaviours are probably very embedded as you’ve been doing them for years so how do you break them so you can get more of your hard earned money in your pocket?

I’d do these 5 things:

  • Work out how many hours you think you are spending on pure over-delivery and under-charging and on unmanaged scope creep.
  • Translate those hours into the amount of money you have given away for free.
  • Work out what you would have spent that money on if you had billed for it.
  • Now set a goal for what you are going to do with the additional money you’re going to generate by better managing your over-delivery & under-charging, and scope creep.
  • Create a visual reminder for what you are going to spend the money on and put it somewhere you can easily see when you are working. Use it to keep you on track to have conversations with your clients about changing scope and to help keep you from over-delivering.


Good luck.  It’s easier to do than you think 😊

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