Do I have Credibility With My Prospects?

Making a buying decision can be complex.  We subconsciously know this as buyers ourselves but we tend to overlook it as suppliers.

We think about our price point and our features.  Hopefully we also think about the value our product/service delivers.

But how often do you think about whether you come across as a credible supplier.

What makes us credible?

I bet you can think of someone you’ve met that just wasn’t credible.

For me it’s the Virtual Assistants who run late, or the accountants that lose things and seem to struggle to organise themselves let alone the filing dates for their clients.  Know what I mean?!

How about the web developers with the shockingly out of date website, or the social media consultants with close to zero social media presence themselves?

Or Business Coaches that profess to be able to help you grow your business but yet don’t have a viable business themselves.

Sometimes it can be someone’s appearance that can put off prospective buyers.  I’m not advocating people dress to impress but you need to appreciate the impact your appearance could be having on your sales.

Credibility also includes having testimonials to back up your ability to help people.  If you don’t have testimonials then you’ll find it a lot harder to gain traction with new buyers.

Now we all start with zero testimonials so I appreciate the challenge with gaining new clients at the beginning but you need to make creating some a key priority.

By “creating some” I don’t mean make them up, but I do mean that you may need to offer a discount on your service in order to generate a cracking testimonial.


Why is credibility an issue?

Because it forms part of our buying decision so if you aren’t credible you won’t get as many sales.

And that hurts!


How do you know if you’re credible?

Think about whether you’ve been “Billy no mates” at networking events.

Think about how hard you’re having to work at getting leads.

Think about whether you’ve had sales conversations that you ace-d but the sale didn’t happen.


What to do about it?

Put yourself in your buyers shoes.  What would they want to see to make them think you are credible?

Are you actively displaying those credibility factors?

Yes, then great.

No, then you’ve just created yourself an action list to improving your sales.

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