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Claire comes over as confident and incredibly competent having successfully built up her business over the last 5 years and supported many others to achieve their business potential. Claire has recently delivered two presentations to meetings I attended – dealing with objective setting and marketing your businesses. The content was clear and concise, very practical and well delivered. Personally I was inspired by Claire’s enthusiasm and very structured and invaluable advice. Claire’s presentations not only provided me with ideas for developing my business but made me really think, challenge myself and want to take on board her advice. Claire is knowledgeable and inspiring.
Angela Roberts

Discovery Day 21st May 2019 

Agencies, consultancies, software/web development companies & any business that exchanges their time for money...

It's Time To Achieve Those Business Goals

I've decided to host a Discovery Day for interested parties in Solihull (just off the M42) on Tuesday 21st May 2019.

At the Discovery Day, I'll show you behind the scenes of some of my most successful clients. For example, I'll show you how I helped Spaghetti Agency double in revenue and profit in 9 months.

In the time we have together, I promise I won't hold back a single detail, because I want you to have all the facts.

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The Service Business Success System

It's time to accelerate your business growth using real world, small business growth advice, specifically for Service Businesses, from people who've been where you are and found a way through.

At this two day event you'll learn:

What changes you need to make to get more stuff done every day so you create the time to implement what you learn.

Proven marketing systems that show you exactly how to optimise your content marketing so you're not spending time writing blogs, emails, and social media posts only to find you get the wrong clients.

The best way to price and package your products and services to maximise the value of every client while working fewer hours. (Yep, it's possible!)

How to turn someone’s initial interest into cash in your bank account so you stop leaving “money on the table”. Let's face it, this bit is vital but rarely taught.

Get on the Priority List Now!

The reason Claire’s talk clicked with me is that I came from a corporate background, set up my own business to continue using those skills and provide a service to clients to earn a living and provide for my family. I truly believe what I offer is of great value to small businesses, however, I have no business acumen in terms of how to actually grow a business. I understand how to start one up, I know I have to market my business using networking etc, but I found myself getting into the bad habit of spending all my time dealing with clients and not actually on my own business. I always had an excuse why I couldn’t find the time to work on my business. The way Claire explained the importance of working on your business is as important as working in your business came across as real and like she understood the challenges I face, (which of course she does because she has been there, done it and worn the T-Shirt). It struck a chord with me and I felt she had been where I am now. Claire made me see it can be done, a real life case study.

Having listened to Claire’s fab talk I have already made a commitment and followed through to ‘growing my business’. I kept saying I was going try telemarketing and direct emails but kept putting it off to the bottom of the list. Today I took a “bite of the elephant” and made myself call a minimum of 10 businesses and got them to subscribe to my newsletter!!!

I loved the fact that Claire talked about how she is still a mum doing the school run etc, it was relevant to me and many of the others too. It made me feel it can be done, just prioritise and GET ON WITH IT.” 

Pardip Singhota
Crispin Rhodes
Claire is an absolute God send for 4N. She’s professional and very personable. She also delivers a fantastic talk on finding the ideal client, which gets you thinking about your marketing strategy and ultimately the best way to grow your business. The complete package for every group/business!
John Clapham