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Value is in the Eye of the Buyer

I had to take my eldest daughter for an educational psychology assessment a few weeks ago. She’s 18 years old, already has a diagnosis of dyslexia and has everything in place to support her through her A levels but needed to have a new assessment done so she can apply for support at university. At […]

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You Are Leaking Profit

What do you reckon your biggest profit leak is?   What do I mean by “profit leak”?  I mean the “things” that cause you to loose profit. If your business is just you then you probably think you don’t really have any profit leaks. There may be the odd bit of subscription software you could […]

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Do I have Credibility With My Prospects?

Making a buying decision can be complex.  We subconsciously know this as buyers ourselves but we tend to overlook it as suppliers. We think about our price point and our features.  Hopefully we also think about the value our product/service delivers. But how often do you think about whether you come across as a credible […]

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