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How To Stand Out And Make More Money

Business is an evolution When you first start up your business you have a clear idea of what it is you can offer but over time that clarity starts to evolve. Sometimes it gets more focused, but most of the time you broaden out the definition of services that you offer. This is usually because […]

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Marketing Takes Effort, Not Time 

People confuse marketing taking time to build momentum with the amount of effort they are putting in.   Effort is the key, not time It only takes a “long” time if you spread that effort out to thinly. For instance, you could go to 1 networking event a month for a year, or 12 networking […]

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Word of mouth marketing and creating noise is a busy world

My Business Relies On Word Of Mouth…

Do you want more clients? Do you currently rely on word of mouth to generate your leads? Is that filling your sales funnel?   So you are in a degree of pain, right…!?   Word of Mouth is Great… But… it can be pretty slow and hard to predict.   It’s very easy to convince yourself that […]

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Marketing: Are you afraid of the “M” word?

Does the thought of marketing your business fill you with a sense of dread? I often find business owners can worry so much about the thought of marketing their business that they take very little marketing action and as a result only achieve a trickle of enquiries. Have I just described you? Marketing is just […]

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Perfection Paralysis: Is this affecting your business?

When you have your own business it’s totally normal to want “things” to be done a certain way. That “way” is part of your brand and your values and it will be one of the reasons why your clients enjoy working with you. BUT most business owners have certain “ways” of doing things that can […]

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How to grow your revenue: Your low hanging fruit

When people think about growing their business their tendency is to think of ways to generate new clients rather than a broader view of simply “how do I grow my revenue line?” Do you do that too? For some reason something in our brains tells us that finding new clients is a far better option […]

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How to stand out from the crowd: Embrace your competition

Some types of business have more competition than others. The obvious ones that spring into my mind are accountants, web designers, marketing agencies, copywriters, financial advisors and so on. If you were to type one of those into Google you would get a very long list of potential businesses that you could choose from. So […]

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