The Price Is Right: How to Stop Being a Busy Fool

busy foolAre you suffering from “Too much work, too little time”?

Do you find yourself pricing your time too cheaply because you convince yourself that your prospects won’t pay what you probably should charge?

If you answered “Yes” to both of those then there is a very good chance that you are suffering from an acute case of “Busy Fool”.

But the good news is that it’s totally curable in just a few days with this course of treatment.

What causes “Busy Fool”?

There is one root cause of “Busy Fool” which is you don’t value your time and expertise enough.

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • If I charge more than £X they won’t be able to afford it
  • £X is the standard fee everyone charges so I can’t go higher
  • It’s better to have the work even at a low price
  • If I price it properly they’ll tell everyone that I’m too expensive
  • I can squeeze the work in if I work extra hours

The list goes on and on.

Have you noticed all those statements are actually quite negative? They all come from a place of fear and anxiety.

The challenge is that you won’t get to a place of sustainability if you stay in that fearful anxious zone, because your clients won’t value your time and expertise if you don’t!

What’s the treatment?

We need to dispel those myths I listed above.

  • Quite often I hear the “it’s the standard price that everyone charges so my prospects will go elsewhere if I charge more” line. When I actually challenge it and ask them to show me the solid market research to back it up I find out that it’s usually based on hearsay or one piece of evidence.

Don’t base your pricing strategy on fear & hearsay!!!

Go and do your market research, and do it on a wide spectrum of similar providers, not just your immediate ones.  I bet you’ll be surprised what the spectrum of fees are and it’ll give you the confidence to put your prices up.

  • Be realistic on how long a piece of work will take, including the client management aspects too, and price the project accordingly. You are doing yourself (and your dependants) no favours by being cheap and ignoring these elements.  It’s all part of your service so charge for it.
  • Stick to the time allocation you used when you quoted the job. When you over run you are shooting yourself in the foot and that hurts!

 How long does it take to cure an acute case of “Busy Fool”

The treatment can be effective in one day IF you follow the steps above, and importantly, IF you stick to them.

Remember being a Busy Fool comes from a negative mindset and not from your clients.  You can stop being a Busy Fool.  In the immortal words of He-Man “You have the Power” 🙂

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