My Business Relies On Word Of Mouth… – Claire McTernan

My Business Relies On Word Of Mouth…

Do you want more clients? Do you currently rely on word of mouth to generate your leads? Is that filling your sales funnel?


So you are in a degree of pain, right…!?

My Business Relies On Word Of Mouth...


Word of Mouth is Great…

But… it can be pretty slow and hard to predict.


It’s very easy to convince yourself that word of mouth is the only way you can grow your business.


When people say word of mouth is the only way it’s usually because they have either:

  • Tried other ways to market their business which didn’t work
  • Have never tried anything else!


Which one describes you?


I bet you are type 1; you’ve tried other things, but they didn’t work.


So what exactly have you tried?


Time for Some Analysis

You’ve probably tried a bit of email marketing, some social media activity, and dabbled at networking.


  • How many times have you done each?
  • How targeted was your message?
  • How many people saw your message?


It’s noisy out there - word of mouth marketing


I bet you are in a competitive market space, which means you need to shout longer and harder than your competitors to be heard.


Think about your own buying behaviour.  How many times do you see something before you make a buying decision?


The marketing gurus say someone needs to see a brand/product approximately SEVEN times before they make a buying decision. 


There’s a good chance it’s even higher now given the noise created by social media.


How many times have the same people seen your marketing message?


If it takes someone who needs your service 7 times before they make a decision, then just think how long it’ll take someone who hasn’t even got that need yet.


You need to stay “front of brain” to your prospects all the time.  By this I mean that you are the first thing they think of when that specific need arises that you can fulfil.


If they haven’t seen your marketing for months then they will think of your competitors that are marketing themselves better than you, even if they offer an inferior service.


So what can you do about it?


You need a marketing strategy that is continuous and keeps you “front of brain”.


Blogging and newsletters are a great way to do this.


What can you do to increase the speed at which you achieve those 7 touch points and more?


What marketing do you now need to put in place?


It Does Work…

People are very easily put off doing marketing when they try it once or twice and get a nil return.


It’s simply the “Rule of 7” kicking in.


Keep at it.  Make sure you have an awesome targeted message and get out there and spread the word!


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