Business Growth: It’s All About You

You want to grow your business but stuff keeps getting in the way.

Sound familiar?

You get busy with client work and find you just don’t have the time to address those bigger issues like “how do I grow when it’s only me?”

Now, that question covers numerous different challenges.

A common one that several of my clients have right now is “How do I grow when it’s just me who can handle the sales part of the process and I’ve also got client work to do?”

Business Growth: It's All About You

There’s always a way

I’m a huge believer in that there’s always a way to resolve every challenge.

In my experience the bigger issue is that the business owner isn’t open to changing their approach and therefore keeps themselves stuck.

Have you done that?

Are you doing it right now?

That “stuck-ness” will slowly strangles the business.

And that hurts!!


How Do You Solve It

Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first….if you truly are the best at sales and you need to spend more time selling than you currently do then you need to off load your other responsibilities.

If you have a team then delegate more to them.

You can outsource to a VA or other freelance resource.

It’ll feel uncomfortable and the little voice in your head will say it won’t work, but it will if you do it right.


So how do you get out of your own way?

This is the crux of it.

Focus on the bigger picture.

Can you achieve the growth you are after working in the way you do now?

It’s either a “Yes” or a “No” answer!

Usually it’s a “No” 😊

Therefore you have to change.

You have to relinquish control in order to grow.

You have to adapt in order to grow.

You have to adapt in order to survive!


I did it!

Back in my Corporate days I ran big, international teams so I was very used to managing staff.

I promised myself I wouldn’t ever have staff when I had my own business as I didn’t want the hassle!

I like the freedom of it being me, my laptop and a virtual team of 5.


I’d got to the point that I didn’t have the time to follow-up fully with all of my leads and that just sucks!

I have the ability to take on more clients from a delivery capacity point of view, but not from a sales point of view.

I have ambitious growth plans (I’ve doubled in the last year with primarily just me!) and those plans continue so I had to address my “issues” around having staff.


  • I didn’t want to have to share my lovely big office space.
  • I didn’t know if I had enough work to keep them busy.
  • I didn’t know whether it would actually generate more work for my by having to manage them than it would actually solve.

The list went on and on!

I gave myself a big reality slap and went for it!!!

I did it in stages.

Putting the advert out was step one.

Then sifting the applications, putting them through a few extra rounds before I had my final few, and so on.

By the time I was selecting the lucky candidate my head had accepted it as the right thing to do.

The lucky applicant, Katy, started yesterday, so now I’m adjusting to sharing my office and down loading all the “stuff” which I take for granted but she needs to know to go a great job.

I’m purposefully recruited someone whose strengths are my weaknesses so it significantly bolsters the business.

It’s exciting but still a bit weird.

But I’ve done it!


What do you need to do to push up to the next level?

  • What’s holding you back?
  • What do you always put off that you know you really need to just suck up and get on with?
  • How can you take that next step?
  • What do you perceive the risks to be?
  • How can you mitigate them?

It’s not as scary as you think.

Build that plan of action and make it happen.

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