One Thing That Can Boost Your Profits Quickly

Being a busy fool sucks.  Do you think you are a busy fool? Are you working flat out delivering to your clients but still not making the money you deserve then you are a busy fool. Sorry! But, it’s easy to change (you are going to think I’m being a bit flippant but stick with […]

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The 6 Steps To Beating Your Competition

You don’t have to lose out to your competition, but you do need to take action to make sure you don’t. My 6 steps to beating your competition are: Know your value and be able to express it clearly. Use this everywhere.  In your sales conversations, in your proposals, in all your marketing.  This is […]

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How Do I Decide on the Right Price for my Services?

This is the question that is one of the fundamental building blocks of a successful business. How much do you currently charge? Does it feel right? Is it working for you; are you gaining enough clients at that price point to make ends meet? As you are reading this then I think it’s safe to […]

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Gaining Clients: How To Get Prospects To Say Yes!

A significant number of small businesses can sometimes struggle to get their prospects to say “Yes”. Have you ever been in the situation where a prospect loves your description of what you can deliver for them but as soon as you mention the price tag they suddenly go cold? It can be pretty soul destroying […]

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  • 20th March 2017
  • sales
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