Beating the business blues

Young business man under stress with headacheHow to beat the Business Blues

When you have your own business it’s very easy to focus on what you haven’t achieved. Generally in life people are trying to strive towards something that is better than they have now, and when it comes to running a business, that often translates into wanting to grow revenue & profit margins. When people then don’t hit their revenue & profit targets it becomes easy to fall into a trap of disappointment, disillusionment and a feeling of isolation.

If you find yourself falling into that trap you need to remind yourself of 3 key things…

1. You have achieved so much already. I am confident that you have achieved loads of successes since you have started your business. I’m a huge believer in celebrating every success and not waiting for the big one that’s yet to come. When you delay celebrating your successes it’s very easy to think that you haven’t had any. For instance if you have had your business for more than 1 year then you have beaten the odds as a significant number of start-ups fold in their 1st year of trading. So you have achieved a huge milestone. If you are in year 4 you have achieved an even bigger one. If you have successfully secured clients, delivered the work, invoiced for it and been paid then, again, that’s a huge achievement. The list could go on and on. When did you last celebrate your successes? Every client testimonial, every new lead, every great result is a success you should be recognising and giving yourself a pat on the back for.

2. “You reap what you sow” or a phrase I use more often “big action brings big results”. If you want to improve your situation then do so. I know that’s easy for me to say but it is the action that you take that will drive your results. Rather than letting history repeat itself and miss your targets, examine why you haven’t managed to hit them before and do things differently this time. Your success is in your hands so if you want to break out of the disappointment and disillusionment then take action.

3. You don’t have to feel isolated. Being a business owner can be a very isolating experience but it’s only as isolating as you let it be. It’s easy to find fellow business owners as we tend to hang out in easy to find places such as networking events, business shows, LinkedIn Groups and so on. If you are feeling isolated then do something positive about it and find somewhere to hang out with other business owners.

The one main way that I stay so positive, focused and committed is by being very clear about why I have my own business and what I want to accomplish aka “I keep my eye on the prize”. Do you?
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