Audience Is Everything

An audience gives you the ability to sell; no audience = no sales!

Your audience can be made up of lots of different pockets of people:

  • Your networking connections
  • Your LinkedIn connections
  • Your email list (if you have one)
  • Your social media connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc)
  •  Your contacts in your phone, and so on

Generally I find business owners don’t tend to think about their audience.

They think about meeting people networking or online but they don’t perceive them to be their audience.

Do you fall into that trap?

Audience Is Everything

Why does it matter?

It matters because you need to look after your audience as it’s the most valuable part of your business.

  • Your previous sales have come from it.
  • Your raving fans are in it.
  • Your future sales will come from it.
  • Your referrals will come from it.

So, if you don’t look after it things get painful, quickly!


So how do I look after it?

This falls into a couple of categories.

Nurturing your current audience

Your audience forms the top of your sales funnel and they need to be nurtured so they progress through the funnel and turn into lovely clients.

There are loads of ways of doing this, the classic ones are…

Email marketing, blogging, free groups on social media,  free challenges (30 days XX challenge), live Q&As and so on.

There is a clear difference between nurturing (feeding) and getting them to put their hand up to turn into a prospect.

The reason most people feel blogging etc doesn’t work is because they don’t use clear Call To Actions (CTAs) to get them to put their hands up.

Every so often you need to do that otherwise you’ll do loads for free to nurture them and not get any/many clients out of it and that hurts!


Growing your audience

This is vitally important, otherwise your audience gets stale and stops delivering clients to your door.

There are loads of ways to grow your audience, the most common ones are:

  • Networking – but make sure you capture their details so they are added to your audience (always ask permission 😊). But do make sure you are networking in different groups so you are growing your audience as well as deepening your existing networking relationships.
  • Free downloads of valuable info.
  • Building out your LinkedIn connections in a very targeted way
  • Speaking and capturing the audience data (always ask for permission 😊)
  • Joint Ventures where you get to access someone else’s audience.

The list goes on and on.

In essence if you want to grow your business you need to be excellent at nurturing your current audience and triggering them to put their hand up, while simultaneously building your audience.

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