Are You Doing Sales All Wrong?

My star sign is Leo, and I’m such a Leo!!

We tend to love attention, we want to be on the stage hogging the limelight and we tend to be in leadership positions. 

Now, although I do have some strong Leo tendencies there are also times when I shy away from leadership and hogging the limelight, but I am actually aware of when I need to take the leadership position and when I shouldn’t.

So what has that got to do with selling?  Plenty actually.

Are You Doing Sales All Wrong?

What’s selling got to do with leadership?

When we are in selling mode we are in a leadership position.

We need to own the expert space during that conversation, and we need to lead the prospect through their decision making process.



Imagine you are going on a trek up a mountain.  You have a bit of paper with a few directions on but no guide.

It’s a mountain you haven’t been up before, and there’s no obvious path to follow.

You know what you want to achieve (get to the top safely, enjoy the view and then get back down safely), you have a rough idea of how you are going to do it (got the instructions on the piece of paper) but it feels a bit risky because you don’t have an experienced climber with you.

Well that’s what a sales conversation feels like if the seller (you) don’t take a leadership position in it.

You have to be their guide, their experienced climber, they need to know that you know your stuff, that you understand their needs and will give them the best advice, and, most importantly, will take the journey (the sales discussion) to a conclusion.

What most people do

To keep with the mountain analogy, most sellers, lead people up the mountain and then leave them stranded part way up, without a clear direction and magically expect them to successfully find their way the rest of the way up and down.

And then wonder why they don’t want to book them again for their next trek.

This is why you aren’t closing enough of your sales.

You are closing the ones that naturally navigate the route themselves and losing out on the ones that need that leadership guidance.

So what does that Leadership position look like

I’m not talking about anything drastic.  You don’t have to turn into Tony Robbins 😊

But you do need to “own” that leadership space.

I’ll give you a classic example.

You’ve done some kind of review and now need to give your feedback.

There are numerous different options the prospect could choose so you lay them all out.

This is like giving the person up the mountain loads of different potential routes before you even start that you overwhelm them, they feel it’s too difficult so they quit before they start.

You need to lay the options out and then give a clear, strong/firm recommendation of what they need to do and when.

You have to lead them.

If you sit back and say in your head “well it’s their decision not mine” you’ll be losing a good chunk of business.

How much has not taking the leadership position cost you?

  • What opportunities have you missed out on?
  • And how much money does that equate too?
  • That number hurts right?!

Make the decision today to own that leadership space from now on in your sales conversations.

Be that clear, strong person and lead them through the options by giving strong recommendations.

Don’t be the guide that leaves them stranded on the mountain.

Or even worse, the guide that chooses not to even engage because you can’t decide which route you should recommend.

Step up! Own that space and lead your prospects.

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