All It Took Was A Letter

So I’m 45 years old and I’ve been in denial for easily 12 months.

I was ignoring the fact that my eyesight wasn’t as good as it had been.

Yep, I was hiding from the fact I’m getting older!

I know. Totally silly but getting it sorted wasn’t a priority.

The day it changed


Then one day I was doing some tidying up at home and found a promotional letter from Vision Express.

Normally I would have thrown it out but I opened it up and it was inviting me to a free eye test and a £50 off voucher for a pair of glasses.

So I took action.

I actually booked the eye test.


But why then and why Vision Express?


There’s loads of opticians to choose from near me so why did I choose Vision Express?

Because they put their marketing material in my hands at just the right time.

And they gave me an added incentive to book which had a time limit on it.

Perfect marketing!


The old ways still work


In this time of intensive online marketing it was their old style approach that worked for me.

Interestingly I had to take special steps to make the booking as I had to go online to do it; I couldn’t just click a link.

But I took the action.

My eyes were no worse on that day than any other day so I had no major reason to take action, but I did.

Their pretty basic letter with a voucher made me take action.

What really makes me smile is that if I think of a major high street optician I think of Spec Savers because of their “you should’ve gone to Spec Savers” adverts, but yet I still booked at Vision Express because they sent me a letter.

A good old fashion, cheap letter!


What can we learn from this…


The key is to put your marketing in front of your target audience frequently enough that it’s there when they need it.

Using discount vouchers and deadlines do drive buyer behaviour totally works (make sure your pricing can cope otherwise you become a busy fool!).

Letters still work so don’t overlook them as a great marketing tool.


And yes…


I did need glasses.

Health professional should be banned from using the phrase “at your age” 😊

What really made me laugh was that I went into Spec Savers instead of Vision Express but thankfully noticed before I made a fool of myself 😊

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